We are a group of beekeepers who keep honey bees around the Des Moines, Iowa, area. There is no fee to join our group.

IF YOU SEE A SWARM OF HONEY BEES, SEND A PHOTO TO JULIA (515) 988-1828. We remove from bee trees and structures, too — have a look.

MEET-UPS are on pause until we get a new meeting coordinator

Mission: To increase awareness of honey bees and their population through passion, sustainable practices, networking, and mentoring.

Vision:  By enacting the mission, we envision the following

  • A public that is educated about and welcoming toward honey bees and beekeepers
  • Beekeeping events in the community
  • Partnering with local, related groups

Our passion will be expressed through education to other beekeepers and outreach to non-beekeepers.

– Updated Dec. 2023

supporting honey bees and beekeepers in the metro Des Moines, Iowa, area