February Meeting Notes: Assistive Technologies

EasterSeals serves the entire state of Iowa. Two programs in particular may be helpful to beekeepers who need accommodations — whether by accident, injury, aging, or disability; or lives in a community with less than 2,500 people — the Assistive Technology (AT) Program and Rural Solutions.

Assistive Technology Program consists of four components.

  1. Equipment Loan. Durable medical equipment donations are refurbished and loaned to “fill the gaps” from insurance. Application at www.easterseals.com/ia/at Donations and appointments can also be made by calling 515-309-2395 or sending email (click for email address).
  2. Demonstration Center @ Camp Sunnyside. For clients to see, feel, try things before an assistive technology is brought home. By appointment. Call 866-866-8782 or send email (click).
  3. Lending Library. Trials on most items in the library help people make appropriate choices. Over 1000 items are available and free to use. Clients may try up to five items at a time for up to 30 days. Call 866-866-8782 or send email (click).
  4. Iowa Assistive Technology Exchange. Classified ads, styled like Craig’s List, exclusively for AT. Staff will assist and qualify users and donors. View items at www.eastersealsia.at4all.com

Rural Solutions. This program consists of free site visits by a consultant (Kim) with ideas for accommodations, assessments, connections to resources, sustainable business planning, mental health that is customized to your particular situation. Additionally, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society will fully funded appropriate clients by referral only.

AT Equipment demos

  • Weightlifting hooks weightlifting hook
  • Football gloves
  • Dycem super grip surface https://www.dycem-ns.com/dycemshopus/product/non-slip-reel/
  • Active hands cuffKim demostrates an active hands cuff
  • Fanny pack, running industry has cell phone pockets
  • Hand holds: Foam grippers for writing utensils, Crayola model magic, elastomer putty (more durable than model magic)
  • Foam cuff
    • Velcro strap
    • D-ring
    • Foam
    • Duct tape
    • Industrial twist tie
  • Industrial twist ties in different colors can assist with visibility
  • Temperature sensitive nail polish
  • Urban Poles: aging resources/walking with ease
  • Hiking poles for farm vs. canes for house
  • Sugru, moldable glue to insulate canister of smoker
  • Electric smoker: https://barnyardbees.com/product/bee-z-smoker/

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