Topics for the upcoming year

Labeling/Active water content (Rueber, Feb. 2017)

Winter prep

Swarm prevention

Making splits (Sander, May 2017)

Checking for mites (Folkerts, Aug 2017)

Treating mites — heat and chem

Feeding in spring

Feeding in winter

Bottles (BL Plastic, July 2014)

Winter care (Jan 2017)

Harvest (Aug 2014 w/ Andy, potluck)

Potluck (multiple through the years)

Heat treating for mites (Ray, 2016 and Damon, 2017)

On-site inspections of top bar and langstroth hives (multiple, all years from 2011)

Making nucs (Sander, April 2016)

Movie viewing, Queen of the Sun (Feb. 2016)

How you got into beekeeping and how it’s been for you

Hive theft (Rob Taylor, June 2017)

Flow hive (sander, Sept 2016) and honey harvest (Sander, July 2017)

Verticomb hive (Justin, Sept 2017) and inspection (anticipated 2018)

State fair entry (Andy, May 2014)

Queen rearing (julia’s note: i think this is too much material here for one meeting)

Craig’s weight and temp tracking

advocacy/city ordinances

Vet Feed Directive (Dr. Jacobson, April 2017)

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